Stephon Youth Health & Resource Collective (SYHRC)

The Stephon Youth Health and Resource Collective (SYHRC): Brings awareness to youth issues in the community such as sexual health, homophobia, agesim, and racism, while assisting high school and college student activists with support services.


participant characteristics

Age/Educational Range


High school to college aged youth

Income Level

Mixed (low, middle, high income)

Social/Cultural Context

Marginalized, LGBTQIA+ Community, Youth Allies


Residents of Kentuckiana


Multicultural- 50 percent Caucasian , 50 percent other ethnicities


Health conscious, community minded youth, youth advocates, and youth activists

The State of Sex Education (Statistics & Facts – 2022)

January 7, 2022

Addressing teen pregnancy/parenthood

Addressing the spread of STIs

Addressing parental concerns

Issues that support the consensus to “wait”

Addressing sex education access



Volunteers of America/ HIV Prevention

U of K HIV Prevention Team

IU Southeast

Kentucky Health Justice Network

Advocates For Youth

Kentuckiana Aids Alliance

IU Southeast Safe 

Zone Training